Rakesh Kumar is a trailblazer in the microfinance industry in India, and a true leader who has dedicated his life to empowering the underprivileged in rural and suburban areas of the country. His passion for bringing financial inclusion to the masses is unparalleled, and he firmly believes that access to finance is the key to unlocking the potential of the marginalized communities.

He has vast experience in building organizations that are focused on leveraging technology to provide affordable and accessible credit to those who need it the most. His visionary leadership and exceptional organizational skills have enabled him to establish a unique identity in the microfinance industry. He respects and imbibes by people-first culture, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and their contributions are valued.

He is a strategic thinker and a problem solver, and his ability to optimize processes and transactions has enabled him to achieve industry-transcending performance in portfolio quality across different regions and time periods. He has a keen eye for talent and has built a strong team of professionals who share his vision and are committed to the cause of financial inclusion.

As a leader, Rakesh embodies the qualities of great CEOs - he is humble, empathetic, and has an unwavering commitment to the mission of the organization. His passion for social entrepreneurship and his dedication to uplifting the underprivileged make him an inspiration to others. Rakesh holds a Master's degree in Rural Management from the Institute of Rural Management in Anand.